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395. Unidentified prose poetry readings, poetry readings by Perkoff, et al., Lipton & Foster book discussion, suicide & immortality discussion, [ca. 1956-1962]
Sulphur Isotope Fractionations During Microbiological Transformations In The Laboratory And In Marine Sediments
Double-Entendres In 'The Canterbury Tales'
Check for security -- First National Bank, Los Angeles, 1937
Natural color photograph of dissection of the knee, anterior view
Bertha Holbrook Clarke, letter, 1911, to Hamlin Garland
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 352 [verso]
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 633
Page  537
Exterior view of the Hotel St. Angelo on the corner of Grand Avenue and Temple Street, ca.1895
Harvesters at work on a Van Nuys ranch, San Fernando Valley, ca.1898
View of Spring Street, north of Temple Street, showing construction and automobiles, [s.d.]
Interior view of a living room in a Craftsman-style house in Los Angeles, [s.d.]
Pipes for the Southern California Gas Company, ca.1955
Aerial view of Wrigley Field, ca.1940, detail 2
County Hospital, National Cornice Works, Los Angeles, CA, 1932
An analytic study of the creative process as revealed by accounts of specific creative acts
Effect of adriamycin on DNA replicative and repair synthesis in cultured neonatal rat myocardial cells
Parallelization of interactive PDE solvers on shared-memory multiprocessors
Language planning and English as a foreign language in middle school education in the Republic of China
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