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Maternal devotion: The symbiotic relationship between mothers and sons in "Yi Jian zhi"
1900-02 Rosalia Road, Los Angeles, CA, 1929
454 Euclid Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1929
The Origins And Development Of The Catalan Consulados Ultramarinos From The Thirteenth To The Fifteenth Centuries
Phase Behavior In A Multicomponent Heteroazeotropic System
An Evaluation Of Instruction By Student-Led Discussion In The College Classroom
Late-Neogene Paleomagnetic And Planktonic Zonation, Southeast Indian Ocean - Tasman Basin
Collapsible traffic button manufactured by West Coast Foundry Company, Atlantic Blvd. and Telegraph Road, Los Angeles, 1928
San Francisquito Powerhouse dam, San Francisquito, 1927
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Alice Ives Breed, letter, 1922-09-10, to Hamlin Garland
Natural color photograph of dissection of the right cubital fossa, showing the median nerve and the brachial artery
Animal trainer, 1951
Automobile road from Los Angeles to canyons, 1927
Auxiliary Reports of Victory Baptist Church, 1966-1967
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 259 [verso]
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, 1933, leaf 537-a
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Bright Angel Hotel from a distance on the rim of the Grand Canyon, 1900-1930
Hotel Redondo, Beachhouse and Waterfront, ca.1900
Exterior view of the Parker Aircraft Company Building, 1910-1940
Exterior view of the Southwest Museum on a hill, [s.d.]
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