The Hartenstein family.
Malabar Church Council with THE REV. KARL HARTENSTEIN, Director, Basel Mission, India, China and Africa.
Director Hartenstein.
Director Hartenstein.
Director Hartenstein.
Hannich, Kellerhals, Huppenbauer, Hartenstein.
Director Hartenstein, Inspector Huppenbauer.
Hartenstein during a Marchmatt conference.
"Prelate and Mrs K. Hartenstein".
Director Hartenstein and Pastor Köchlin."
Prelate Hartenstein Dr. D. Öhler Kaying 1929.
Hermann Hartenstein and Heidi Münch.
Prelate Dr. Hartenstein 1894-1952.
Two little Hartensteins.
... a gift by the chinese church to Director Hartenstein and Inspector Oehler with the bible text Romans 12.2
Köchlin Hartenstein La Roche ... [and 4 further names]
Director Hartenstein en route for India, September 1928.
Conference in Lilong 1929. Director Hartenstein and Inspector Oehler.
Saying farewell to Director Hartenstein and Dr Oehler in Tschonglok.
Director Hartenstein with the congregation in Kannanore (British India).
H[u]p[pen]b[auer], Hartenstein, Koechlin ... [and 2 more names] ...
The teachers of the Senior School in Kumase 1931. Director Hartenstein, I. a. M. [Bellon].
Director Hartenstein at the dedication of the [mission] house in Pamu 1931.
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