"Eighteenth Anniversary of the Los Angeles Congregational Chinese Mission", program, 1906-03-04
A family outside their home, cabinet photograph, circa 1890s
"A Place of Worship", postcard, 1909-10-21
Chinese persons marching in La Fiesta de Los Angeles
A panoramic real photo postcard of the Elks Parade, 1909
A woman and her four children, cabinet photograph, circa 1890s
Los Angeles Chinatown, photograph, circa 1900
Chinese participants in a Los Angeles parade, probably La Fiesta de Los Angeles, 1896
Los Angeles Chinatown, postcard, 1908
Three nurses with babies, photograph, 1923
Chinese Kindergarten, postcard, 1906-02-23
Po and Wing in China-Town, postcard, circa 1910
A Baby from China-Town
Grape picking in a vineyard, stereoscopic photograph, circa 1880s
"16745 Picking Olives", stereoview, circa 1910s
Chinese procession with paper dragon in a Los Angeles parade, cabinet card, 1901-05
"Washington Iron Foundry", photograph, 1914
"Hotel Somerville Lobby", postcard, 1928-09-26
Coastal areas of California, photograph, 1900
"Orange Packing", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1880s
Elderly man seated near a wood building, photograph, circa 1920s
No. 11 Scenes in Chinatown, collage, 1900
"B 2756 Los Angeles, looking N.E. from Prospect Hill",  photographs, circa 1882
Workman homestead adobe making area, photograph, circa 1924
Chinese First Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, photograph, circa 1910s
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