The voluntary executive program: an exploratory study of a Jewish Federation-Council sponsored program
Selection criteria for group treatment : A study of criteria used by student therapists for assigning clinets [sic] to group treatment vs. individual treatment
A case study of an organization and its services
An exploratory study of models for social work accountability in health settings
An exploratory study of patients receiving and not receiving homemaker chore services in a home health agency
Who does what? Where? How? A description and analysis of characteristics of family and children's services social workers
Assessment and intervention in a self-supervisory framework: testing a model for training
An exploratory study of the external and internal support systems operating for the undocumented population…
Factors in a hospital discharge plan associated with the success or failure after one month
Children in the cohabiting family: an exploratory study
The nomination process of the board of directors of Jewish federation-council
Diagnosis and treatment of the failure to thrive syndrome
An investigation of the values and attitudes of licensed clinical social workers towards touching in therapy
Parental participation in play therapy: effects on the child's trust in the therapeutic relationship
The Vietnamese refugee family experience: adaptation and utilization of social supports
Stress in graduate social work education: an exploratory and descriptive study
A comparison of mental health treatment of the elderly in health and mental health settings
Social work in industry
The impact of the Tarasoff decision on California licensed social workers
Factors leading to social worker choice of specialty: a comparative study of family therapists and psychotherapists
4. Publications related to the excavation
1. Photos of Excavation
3. Plans and sections made for publication
2. Drawings made during excavation
The queen of courtly dance: music and choreography of the bassadanza and basse danse
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