East Gate Church, Seoul, [s.d.]
Large Bible Institute group, Korea, [s.d.]
Lower grade girls, Ewa Haktang school, Seoul, [s.d.]
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Korean girl carrying baby, Korea, [s.d.]
Emaciation, disease, and famine, Korea, [s.d.]
Centenary subscription book
Normal student holding school, [s.d.]
District bible class, Korea, [s.d.]
Pai Chai, athletic field, [s.d.]
Jiggies of firewood ready for carrying, Korea, [s.d.]
Pai Chai, chemical laboratory, [s.d.]
Students and teachers of school grading grounds, Kongju, [s.d.]
Pigs strapped to a cart, Korea, [s.d.]
Women workers, Haiju District, Korea, [s.d.]
Children in kindergarten, Korea, [s.d.]
Man shoeing a donkey, Korea, [s.d.]
Korean street and houses, [s.d.]
Korean girl after conversion, Korea, 1909
Kongju dispensary, [s.d.]
Dr. Moore and pastors, Korea, [s.d.]
Pai Chai dormitory, [s.d.]
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