Martin J. Bolhower's USMC liberty card
Marine sniper Sgt. Bradley A. Westerdahl
Marines on the march in Korea
Martin Bolhower's discharge from the Marine Reserves
Martin Bolhower to family from Japan
Marines pass by a plea to surrender
Marine machine gunners
Marines adopt mascots
Guns fired at a memorial service
Marine gunners on the front line in Korea
Marines released from captivity by Chinese
Marine bugler plays as American flag is raised
Marines in front line bunkers in Korea
Marines using horses and tanks in Korea
Marine foot soldiers on patrol in Korea
Japanese boy in boat
Two Japanese women in kimonos
Marines probe enemy bunkers in Korea
Street vendors in Kyoto
Ox-drawn water carts in Kyoto
People's Republic of China national song
Marine riflemen advance across fields
Japanese wedding with bride in traditional dress
Sargeant Charles E. Price raises the American flag at the First marine Division command post
Marines marching along Korean roads
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