Concentration of population in China
North-South boundaries in Korea begin to shift back north in the Korean War as American troops make a landing at Inchon (map)
Pyŏngyang street scenes
Stone stand for a rain gauge in Zinsen
Papermaking near Pusan: drying the sheets
Papermaking near Pusan: preparing the vat
Papermaking near Pusan: cleaning the fibers
Papermaking near Pusan: dipping the screen
Papermaking near Pusan: stacks of finished paper
Papermaking near Pusan: paper mold
Papermaking village near Pusan
Winter cropping near Sunchŏn, Korea
Pusan neighborhood seen from above
Full-circle panorama of Pusan in eight shots
Chosen Jingu Imperial Shrine in Seoul
Namdaemun (South Gate) in Seoul (postcards)
Pile of Korean pots, Pyŏngyang
Ukrainian church in Harbin
Harbin ice festival
Horse-carts waiting for passengers on a street in Harbin
Headquarters of the Japanese 77th Infantry Regiment in Pyŏngyang
Funeral procession in Pyongyang
Korean rural road in winter
Night scenes in rural Korea
Scenes by the river in Pyŏngyang
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