Asia : drawn & engraved for Thomson's New general atlas
Bowle's new one-sheet map of Asia : divided into its empires, kingdoms, states, & other subdivisions
The empire of China, with its principle divisions : drawn from the surveys made by the Jesuits, with improvements and additions from the maps of Mons'r. D'Anville.
Asia : including the Russian and Turkish empires, New Holland
China, Japan
The empire of China, with its principal divisions : drawn from the surveys made by the Jesuits
A new map of Asia, from the latest observations : most humbly inscrib'd to the Right Hon.'ble George, Earl of Warrington &c.
Asia and its several islands and regions : according to their most approved divisions, with Captain Cook's new discoveries
Asia : drawn & engraved for Thomson's New general atlas
A new chart of the world, on Mercator's projection : exhibiting the tracks & discoveries of the most eminent navigators
Gall & Inglis' map of China and Japan
A chart of the world exhibiting the track of M. de La Pérouse : also the tracks of the vessels Recherche & L'Esperance in search of that navigator
To the Right Honourable William, Lord Cowper, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, this map of Asia : according to ye newest and most exact observations is most humbly dedicated
A new and correct map of the world, laid down according to the newest discoveries, and from the most exact observations
A map of the world, from the latest authorities
Asia : corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London and the Royal Academy at Paris
Asia : entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1858
A new & correct chart of the known world, laid down according to Mercator's projection exhibiting all the late discoveries & improvements…
China and the Birman empire, with parts of Chochin-China and Siam
A new and complete chart of the world : displaying the tracks of Capt'n. Cook, and other modern navigators.
Present Asia
A new map of the world on the globular projection
The world agreable [sp] to the latest discoveries
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