Asiatic Fleet.  Confidential Dispatches. 1939 December
Asiatic Fleet. Reports on Chefoo, June 1937
Asiatic Fleet.  Confidential Dispatches. 1937 August
Asiatic Fleet. Intelligence reports. Hong Kog, 1937
Asiatic Fleet. Japanese Bombing of Hankow, 1937
Asiatic Fleet. Report on Japanese air bombing of Nanking, August-October 1937
Asiatic Fleet. Reports on Japanese military activities in early December 1937
Asiatic Fleet. Aviation stations in Amoy and Canton, 1936
Asiatic Fleet. Central Aircraft Factory, 1936
Asiatic Fleet. Kemp Tolley intelligence report on Harbin, Manchuria, 1934
Asiatic Fleet. Aerial photos of Tsingtao, 1935
Asiatic Fleet. Fortifications in the approaches to Canton, 1935
Asiatic Fleet. Intelligence report on military characteristics of Weihaiwei, China, 1935
Asiatic Fleet. Shanghai and Yangtze waterways pilots, 1935
Asiatic Fleet. Ta Wah Petroleum Company, Ltd., Tientsin, China, 1935
Asiatic Fleet. North China situation, November 1935
Asiatic Fleet. Report on the town of Wu-chow, 1935
Asiatic Fleet. Exchange of personal letters between Archer Allen and Hayne Ellis, 1933-1934
Asiatic Fleet. Submarine Squadron Five. Monthly report of economic conditions in Tsingtao, 1933
Asiatic Fleet. Weihaiwei, 1933
Asiatic Fleet. Monthly report of economic conditions, Port of Chungking, Szechuan, for the month of February 1933
Notes and correspondence regarding Chinese and Japanese activities in 1932
Asiatic Fleet. Intelligence report on economic conditions for the month of October 1932, Chungking, China
Asiatic Fleet. Concerns about Communist presence in China, 1932
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