Illustration of bones of left foot, dorsal view
Natural color photograph of dissection of the left cubital fossa, anterior view
Color photograph of cross section of right arm, showing arteries, bone, nerves and muscles
Bones of the elbow, anterior view, including the humerus, the radius and the ulna
Illustration of left elbow and forearm, anterior view, with humerus, radius and ulna lying on its articular surface, all ghosted in.
Illustration of left gluteal region, anterior pelvic wall and thigh, lateral aspect
Illustration of left elbow region, posterior view, showing ulnar artery and nerve, with humerus, radius and ulna ghosted in, and black line (indicating surgical incision) in relation to triceps tendon
Photograph of dissection of the right shoulder, superoposterior view, showing muscles and the spine of the scapula
Illustration of palmar surface of dissected left hand showing superficial arterial arch arising from ulnar artery plus the digital arteries and median nerve; also palmar carpal ligament
Illustration of semi-flexed left knee, medial aspect, showing long/great saphenous vein and infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve in relation to sartorius m. insertion; dashed white line indica...
Illustration of posterolateral view of right hip emphasizing gluteus max. m. & tensor fasciae latae muscle
Illustration of right elbow, posterior view, with distal humerus, proximal radius & ulna ghosted in, and ulnar nerve, artery & vein exposed at medial epicondyle
Color illustration of cross section of right arm, superior view, showing muscles, bone, nerves, arteries and veins
Illustration of partially dissected left thigh, with the tensor fasciae latae muscle reflected laterally to bare deeper structures, e.g., pectineus m., lateral femoral circumflex artery and its b...
Illustration of right hip joint, posterior view, showing ilium, ischium & pubis (shaded in) and proximal femur:  head and neck, greater and lesser trochanters
Illustration of articulated bones (distal radius and ulna, carpals and metacarpals) of left wrist and hand, palmar aspect
Natural color photograph of dissection of the cubital fossa, anterior view, showing initial incision
Illustration of bones (femur and tibia) of left knee, articulated in full extension, from medial aspect.
Illustration of skeleton of right foot from plantar surface showing the long plantar ligament and plantar calcaneonavicular ligament (spring ligament) plus tibiotalar joint (fibula absent)
Illustration of musculature of right hip, gluteal region & upper thigh, posterior view, with ghosted-in right hemi-pelvis and right hemi-sacrum
Illustration of left elbow, posterior view, humerus and ulna osteotomized and olecranon process turned up;  ulnar nerve grasped in forceps; outlines of shafts of humerus, radius & ulna ghosted in...
Illustration of articulated bones of left knee (femur, tibia, fibula, patella) and ligaments (patellar retinacula, medial & lateral collateral ligaments and infrapatellar ligament) & medial & lat...
Illustration of dorsal surface of right foot showing enlargement of attachment of long digital extensor tendons, along with cutaneous innervation and arteries of toes
Natural color photograph of dissection of the ankle, showing articular surfaces
Illustration of cross-section of upper right arm, showing major muscles, arteries, veins and nerves
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