Anthony Irvine, Chogoria, Kenya, 1923
Indigenous girls with bags, Eastern province, Kenya, ca.1922
Two families, Meru, Eastern province, Kenya, ca.1922
African Church Presbytery, Chogoria, Kenya, 1939
Preaching at a market, Eastern Province, Kenya, ca.1931
Hospital patient, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1935
Landscape view of Chogoria Hospital, Chogoria, Kenya, 1945
Christian wedding, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1943
New wards, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1941
Main hospital, Chogoria, Kenya, 1931
Mission staff, Chogoria, Kenya, 1937
Wedding group at out-school village, Eastern province, Kenya, ca.1935
Hospital staff, Chogoria, Kenya, 1933
Portrait of Jason, senior hospital assistant, Chogoria, Kenya, 1934
Kanja who suffers from leprosy, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1933
Scarification of young girl, Meru, Kenya, ca.1934
Mission School, Iringa, Tanzania, 1922
House, Malawi, ca.1888-1929
Rev. Calderwood and Christians, Kenya, ca.1922
Mulanje manse, Malawi, ca.1888-1929
Group portrait, Kidugala, Tanzania, ca.1920
District medical work, Mozambique, ca.1888-1929
Chief Muturi, Kenya, ca.1920
Girls carrying water, Malawi, ca.1920-1929
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