Missionaries Hollan and Kretschmer at Kiwira River, Nyasa, Tanzania, ca. 1903-1916
Missionary Klautzsch teaching, Rungwe, Tanzania, ca. 1903-1906
Missionary Zeeb and his family, Isoko, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Konde man, Nyasa, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Missionary Hennig at Mulagala River, Nyasa, Tanzania, 1905
Group of Africans on Ipyana road, Ipanya, Tanzania, 1905-1906
Laborers at a river, Igali, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Missionary Hennig in Mwasukulu, Nyasa, Tanzania, 1905
Kiwira River, Nyasa, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Sister Franke with baby, Kyimbila, Tanzania, ca. 1904-1915
Missionary meeting, Rungwe, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Mission houses and church, Utengule, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Compound and landscape, Rungwe, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Porters carrying hides, Tanzania, ca.1898-1914
View of Ibigi and the Malila Mountains, Rungwe, Tanzania, [s.d.]
The newest residential building, Kyimbila, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Missionary Klautzsch and a group of apprentices, Rungwe, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Missionary Stolz and Mr. Hockel with a carriage, Nyasa, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Mountainous landscape, Isoko, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Crossing Ruaha River, Tanzania, ca.1898-1914
Acacia and termite hill, Tanzania, ca.1898-1914
Camp, Kwibasa, Tanzania, ca.1898-1914
Missionary Hennig on a trip to Untengule, Igali, Tanzania, 1905
Yard and view of the Malila Mountains, Rungwe, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Missionary Kretschmer and his family, Rutenganio, Tanzania, ca. 1892-1916
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