Plans Prepared for Specific Unusual Occurrences Within The Past 10 Years
Program of instruction, civil disorder management, 1992-07
Correspondence, Metropolitan division, 1992-04-29
On Patrol In Suburban Chicago, 1989-09
Standards for law enforcement agencies, 1991-10
City of Quartz, Mike Davis, 1992-03
Operational Checklist for Civil Unrest or Disorder, 1992-07
Pasadena Housing Authority: Assistance Program
Evanston Police Department Neighborhood Foot Patrol Program Evaluation
Footprints #2: The Community Policing Newsletter, 1990-01/1990-02
San Diego: Roundtable 11, 1992-09-15
Aurora, Colorado Faces Challenge of Community Oriented Policing, 1983
West Bureau, CRASH Section, Mobilization rosters, 1992-04-19/1992-05-16
Oakland Police Department: Nelson, 1992-08-10/1992-08-11
Metro-Dade: roundtable 8, 1992-08-248
Central Bureau CRASH Section, personnel roster, 1992-04-19/1992-05-16
Central Traffic, A/B watch roster, 1992-04-19/1992-05-16
Transfer order, number 6, 1992-04-23
LAPD document production, 1992-07-07
West Traffic division, training, 1992-03/1992-07
Detailed incident types, 1992-06-29
Los Angeles riots overtime fact sheet, 1992-06-16
Detroit: Lieutenant Crystal Harris, interview, 1992-08-11
Detroit: Sergeant Christopher Buck, interview, 1992-08-11
Detroit: Sergent Johnnie Stowers, interview, 1992-08-11
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