African children with bows, Mbungu, Kenya, ca.1900-1904
Girls from Meru, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
A pair of Wakamba siblings, Kenya, ca.1900-1904
Ford near Moshi, Tanzania, ca.1900-1904
Chagga warrior, Tanzania, ca.1901-1909
Missionary family traveling, Tanzania, ca.1900-1914
Group of people in front of the church, Moshi, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Lime kiln burning, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Missionaries with porters, Tanzania, ca.1907-1914
Church in Mamba under construction, Mamba, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Chagga chief, Tanzania, ca.1901-1910
Our oldest Christian woman, Tanzania, ca.1901-1908
Missionary Schanz' children traveling, Tanzania, ca.1901-1912
Chief Saroni in Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania, ca.1907-1910
Public festival, Tanzania, ca.1901-1910
Machame girl Fisha, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
During the walk, Tanzania, ca.1901-1913
Chagga sorcerer Makimende, Tanzania, 1900
Landscape picture at the foot of the Lasso Mountain, Tanzania, ca.1901-1910
African woman, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Maasai warrior, Tanzania, ca.1900-1911
African woman with baby on her back, Tanzania, ca.1905-1914
Stone transport, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Market, Arusha, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Female jewelry in Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania, ca.1900-1910
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