Ocean Front Walk townhomes negatives, Venice, Calif., 1966
Airport Place construction progress photos & slides, Inglewood, Calif., 1979
Personal general photographs. [s.d.]
Portfolio: Parcro, Venice, Calif., 1966
Beverly Regent, Palm Springs, Calif., 1981
Portfolio: Westwind duplex, Venice, Calif., 1966
Boat designs, 1975
Ketch apartments, Venice, Calif., 1970
Meneses residence, [s.d.]
Portfolio: Pacific Plaza, Santa Monica, Calif., 1987
Old Oak residence, 1978
Eastwind apartments, Marina Del Rey, Calif., 1965-1966
Heller residence, 1966
Gelman & Greenberg photos, negs, slides, proofs, [s.d.]
100 Market Street, Venice, Calif., 1988
Old Oak residence, 1978
Northstar apartments, Venice, Calif., 1969
Marine Street apartments, Santa Monica, Calif., 1968
Newman garage, Los Angeles, Calif., 1965
Photography: Parcro, Venice, Calif., 1986
Real estate Kipahulu photographs, Maui, Hawaii, [s.d.]
Dubnoff School, North Hollywood, Calif., 1966
Portfolio: Innes, Venice, Calif., [s.d.]
Avenue 55 apartments, Los Angeles, Calif., 1963
Hotel California, Palm Springs, Calif., 1982
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