"Masato Yada (Nisei) wrapping flowers for delivery to wholesalers.  Many Japanese-Americans are found in the flower trade in Los Angeles.  They grow their own flowers and sell them on the market....
"T. Sumi (Issei) cultivating a truck garden in Gardena.  He uses a horse."--caption on photograph
"Typical Japanese residences on Terminal Island.  Note that there are aerials on each house."--caption on photograph
"Gathered at the annual meeting of the Japanese Association" -- caption on photograph
"Buddhist Ceremonies at Exposition" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Temple Ceremonies" -- caption on photograph
"Aliens Surrender Radios -- In compliance with U.S. order" -- caption on photograph
"Dramatic Meeting -- As 36 more Japanese returned to the Southland yesterday, they passed many service men on their way to battle zones.  Here a sailor stares at a young evacuee."--caption on pho...
"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Only the Japanese-American with a job and a place to live, or an approved plan for the future will be aided by the War Resettlement Administration in returning to...
"Japanese-Americans sew for Red Cross.  Demonstrating their loyalty to this country, members of the Japanese-Alameda Citizens League of Alameda are working around the clock to produce garments fo...
"Loyal Americans All.  These Japanese-American girls, born and reared in this country, are doing what they can for this country's victory" -- caption on photograph
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  Here is another typically American scene in the home of a loyal Japanese-American family" -- caption on photograph
"Empty today is the Koyasan Beikoku Betsuin Buddhist Temple, hidden in an alley off First street.  Its altar, shipped from Japan, is work thousands of dollars."--caption on photograph
"Japanese Freighter's Crew --  Part of the crew of the Japanese freighter 'Rhine Maru' which ran on the reefs about 110 miles from San Francisco March 28 in a fog" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese-American Homecoming -- Under the Army's recent order permitting the return of those Japanese-Americans whose loyalty has been cleared, will be many happy people glad to return to their ...
"Mary Kunugi (Nisei), left, and Haruko Fujii (Nisei), bookkeepers at the branch of the California Bank in Los Angeles, located in the Japanese quarter of the city."--caption on photograph
"Pack Shinto Temple Property for Moving" -- caption on photograph
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  The Tsukamotos bow their heads as the Rev. Joseph K. Tsukamoto, left, pastor of the Protestant Episcopal Christ Church, says grace and prays for the saf...
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  Some of the nation's most loyal citizens are those of Japanese, German and Italian descent" -- caption on photograph
"John Toshiguki, proprietor (foreground), and Fred Koyama, pharmacist, both Nisei, shown in the prescription department of the drug store (Los Angeles)"--caption on photograph
"Cooks at the Cherry Blossom Café in Los Angeles.  Left to right:  Fred Arzaga, Filipino; Fred Takeda, Nisei, and Bob Jung, Chinese.  And they get along, too."--caption on photograph
"A group of Japanese girls 'limber up' at gymnasium in the Japanese quarter of Los Angeles.  Left to right:  Sue Noma, Maye Noma, Lily Takeda, Shigeko Oi, and Meri Taniguchi.  All are Nisei."--ca...
"West Coast aliens guive up cameras.  On order of the United States Department of Justice, alien Japanese, Germans and italians swarmed San Francisco police headquarters to surrender shortwave ra...
"Daini Gakuen is a Japanese language school operated by the Los Angeles Nippon Institute" -- caption on photograph
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  In 1917, Kaytaro Tsukamoto served with the United States Army" -- caption on photograph
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