Hunn in Peace Corps, 1966-1967
Glendora Foothill Area Flood of 1969
Dwayne Hunn's Travels
Rubel Castle
Two boys at the water, India, 1967-11
Meal on coffee table, India, ca. 1966
Fishing boat and cattle, India, ca. 1966
People in a field, India, ca. 1966
Street scene in India, ca. 1966
Men in field, India, ca. 1966
Interior of room, India, 1966-06
Man posing with statue of tiger, India, 1966-05
Children on flooded street, India, 1967-11
Double deck bus on flooded street, India, ca. 1966
Boys in front of garden, India, 1967-11
Flood debris in street, India, ca. 1966
Dwayne Hunn on horse in India, 1966-05
Dwayne Hunn with mustache, India, 1966-1967
Mobile advertising in India, ca. 1966
Group of people, India, 1966-06
Banana merchant, India, ca. 1966
Men in a field, India, 1966-06
People sitting on wall, India, 1966-06
Crowd of boys in field, India, ca. 1966
Dwayne Hunn in blue shirt, India, 1966-1967
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