Chinese advertising posters and calendars from the Republican Period, 1915-1930
Peacock Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
Royal Baking Powder
Red House
Old People's Brand Quaker Oats
Huang Xianghua
Gold Yuan
Gentle Tower Brand
Flying Bull Sweetened Condensed Milk
Bournville Cocoa Powder [green]
Bournville Cocoa Powder [blue]
Quintessence Pharmaceutical House of Watsons, 1921
Picture of a Beauty under the Flower Recording Tang Jiyi’s Cough Pill Test
New York LANMAN & KEMP Medicinal and Herb Perfumery Factory
Da Chang Tobacco Company
Great Britain Brand Cigarettes Winter Fashion Collection Featuring Beautiful Women
Taicheng [copy 2]
Jilan Hall
Taicheng [copy 1]
Taicheng [copy 3]
Taicheng [copy 4]
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