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About this collection

This collection contains materials from Americans who spent important parts of their lives in Korea.

The Byron Pat Barnhart Collection, 1913-1985 -- coming soon

Pat and Vern Barnhart were missionaries to Korea from 1916-1941.  Mr. Pat Barnhart was the first Physical Education Director of YMCA Korea, who introduced many western sports (such as basketball) to the Korean people for the first time.  The collection includes photographs, documents, correspondence, and journals of the Barnharts and their associates, and a privately published memoir of their daughter, Dr. Jean Barnhart Jost, who grew up in Korea until the age of 18. The physical records comprise 2 boxes (14 x 32 x 27 cm.) + 3 books and are organized into 6 subgroups:

  • Folder 1. Life and death.
  • Folder 2. Correspondence.
  • Folder 3. Friends, relatives, and associates.
  • Folder 4. Miscellaneous.
  • Folder 5. Photographs.
  • Folder 6. Books: Through love's eyes : momories of my parents / Jean Barnhart Jost; Korea / by Horace Bristol; Korea : photo-diary, 1962.

The Martin J. Bolhower Collection, 1950-1953

This collection consists of photographs from the family of a Marine who served as an official field photographer during the Korean War (1950-1953). For permission to use materials from this collection that would exceed copyright fair use, please contact Karen Allred (, 310-729-5536).

The Reverend Corwin & Nellie Taylor Collection

"The photographic images in this collection were preserved for posterity by Rev. Corwin Taylor and his wife Nellie Blood-Taylor of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Methodist missionaries to Korea, 1908 to about 1922. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor are in the missionary group photo dated 1914, (see image). Nellie is at the extreme right, 2nd woman up from the bottom, her hair parted down the middle. Corwin is immediately to her right, holding a young daughter.

"These digital images are donated to the Korean Heritage Library at the University Park Campus of the University Of Southern California, Los Angeles California, by Corwin/Nellie grandson Ewing Bevard Taylor of Rockville, Maryland. This project was undertaken by EBT at the behest of journalist Kyung Won Lee of Rancho Cordova, California. Digital copying work by James Ritchie Jacocks (James Ritchie Associates) of Washington Grove, Maryland.

"The original b&w prints and hand-colored slides/transparencies from which the digital images have been made, and the photo descriptions/documentation, were produced by/for the Methodist Episcopal Church, Committee On Conservation And Advance, Chicago Illinois, and distributed to church missionaries." -- Ewing Bevard Taylor, April 2005.

The Reverend V.W. Peters Collection

This collection consists principally of correspondence from Dr. Victor Wellington Peters to his parents while he was a missionary in Korea from 1928 to 1940.

Dr. Victor Wellington Peters was born September 29, 1902 in Kansas City, Missouri, and died August 12, 2012. Attended UCLA and USC -- B.A., 1924; Princeton Seminary, 1924-1928. Missionary to Korea, August 29, 1928 - January 1941. Married February 12, 1938 Hahn Heung Bok in Kimhwa church, Korea. Four children, 8 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren. Accomplished speaker, preacher, writer, artist, teacher who continued to minister to and inspire the Korean people. Associate pastor and teacher at Los Angeles, California churches from 1941-1982: Korean Methodist Church, Trinity Methodist Church, First Church of the Nazarene; 1959-1967 taught in Azusa Pacific University; and 1999-2004 mentored Korean doctoral students at Fuller Theological Seminary.

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