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Student files $6-million suit against university
Claims wrongful eviction following alleged harassment
By Nik Trendowski
Staff Writer
What apparently began as a series of comments from a male law student to his female resident advisor in the Law House has ballooned first into a student conduct case and now to a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the university.
Steve Hollingsworth, a first-year law student at the Law Center, has filed a $6-mil-lion lawsuit against the university for charges including wrongful eviction, forcible entry, interference with the enjoyment of leased premises, emotional distress, libel, slander and violation of fair housing and employment laws.
He is also challenging the portion of the student conduct code dealing with speech that causes discomfort to others, section
11.51, which he was found responsible for violating in a student conduct case.
The university's general counsel was not available for comment by press time.
The lawsuit is the latest event in a chain beginning with a fall 1993 complaint from Hollingsworth's resident advisor, Tracey Whitney, to the Office of Student Conduct.
Whitney also declined to comment yesterday, due to the pending lawsuit.
On Nov. 18, Whitney, a third-year law student and a resident advisor at Kerckhoff Apartments, filed the a 44-page complaint with the Office of Student Conduct alleging Hollingsworth made offensive comments to her and put her in reasonable apprehension of harm.
Hollingsworth had been living in the portion of the Kerckhoff Apartments designated for law students since the beginning of the school year.
The complaint centered around charges that Hollingsworth often made comments to Whitney such as "Hey, beautiful" or "Hey, sexy," and called her and other female law students "counselorette."
The charge was confirmed in the "Finding of Fact" attached to the decision of the student conduct panel, along with similar experiences testified to by other students.
One student who knows Spanish testified that she heard Hollingsworth say "la fruta de la mujer" (the fruit of the woman) to a female cafeteria worker, then repeated the words "la fruta" to the student.
Whitney also cited an incident in September when Hollingsworth allegedly pushed his way into her apartment and refused to leave. She felt "very nervous and forced to (speak to him)," according to the complaint, also confirmed in the report.
(See Lawsuit, page 3)
Tuition rates to increase 4.5 percent
By Kim Smith
Staff Writer
The university has made plans to institute a 4.5 percent tuition hike univer-sitywide for the fall semester, pending confirmation by the Board of Directors.
In addition to the tuition raise, the Student Health Service fee is also being raised by $6 per semester, to $131.
The price per unit of coursework is tentatively being raised from $555 to $580 for undergraduate courses, said Veronica Tencher, executive director of Budget and Planning.
"All of these could possibly change, but the numbers are generally 4.5 percent," Tencher said. Medicine is planned to show a 5 percent increase.
The change will raise tuition from $8,245 to $8,615 per semester for most undergraduates with 12-18 credits.
Graduate schools will also be affected by the proposed raises. The law school's price per unit will go from $737 to $770. Medical students will pay a flat fee of $12,526, up from $11,930. Graduate cinema courses will rise from $582 to $608. Tuitions at the schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will both be rising from $566 to $591 per unit.
(See Tuition, page 2)
Forum to survey MCA T prep
Tuesday April 12, 1994 Vol. CXXII, No. 56
Today, morning clouds will clear early in the day, leaving a bright, sunny afternoon. The temperature will peak in the 70s by midday and drop to a low in the 50s in the evening.
‘D2’ is lame, but Estevez rides on
"D2: The Mighty Ducks" is a shameless rip-off of the original, but star Emilio Estevez indicates in an interview that he takes the results of his questionable decisions in stride. Diversions, page 12
Tennis troubles may pop up at Cal
As USC's team pulls out of NCAA suspensions, information surfaces that two players and a coach at California may have broken the same rules that sidelined four Trojans.
Sports, page 24
Student Senate needs an enema
After an election season marked with scandals and irregularities, the Student Senate is still trying to get back to a normal political routine. The question is, will anything be done?
Viewpoint, page 4
Campus Day of Prayer at USC
Today will be a Campus Day of Prayer. The day will be celebrated from noon till 1 p.m. in front of Tommy Trojan.
The topics will include: What is prayer?; Why people should pray; and the thoughts of various religious organizations on the importance of prayer.
The day is sponsored by the Religious Organizations Council.
Everyone is welcome to attend the session.
By Roger D. Sequeira
Staff Writer
If asked what is the stuff of which a physician is made, most people would say knowledge, patience or compassion. But as any aspiring physician knows, good Medical College Admission Test scores are invaluable.
To achieve the scores required, many students turn to MCAT preparatory courses, but are baffled by the wide array of
companies providing this service.
Would-be doctors at USC will have a special oppportunity to compare their options at an MCAT prep course forum scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, at 7 p.m. in SGM 123.
Organized by Richard Wells, associate director of biochemistry and biology labs, the forum brings large and small companies to present their techniques
and learning strategies.
The MCAT forum is co-sponsored by a consortium of campus science organizations, and will be free to students.
Representatives from the Princeton, Kaplan, Hvperlearn-ing, Berkeley, Columbia Prep and MCAT review courses will be providing five-minute introductions of their classes and answer questions from the student audience, Wells said.
"This will be the beginning of a series of programs designed to raise our students' MCAT scores," he said.
This forum is needed at USC, Wells said, citing an observation bv Donald Batstone, the advisor to pre-med undergraduates, that the MCAT average for USC students was only a few points higher than the national average.
(See MCAT, page 7)
Relaxing lunch
y** ■>
John Collin / Dally Trojan
Sarah Fuhrmelster, a sophomore majoring In communications, and Maggi Domke, a sophomore majoring in psychobiology, picnic In front of Marks Hall.
Man detained after confessing to killing father
By Nik Trendowski
Staff Writer
The son of a family living on 29th Street near Vermont Avenue is currently being detained until the district attorney can process him, police said.
Brian Wolford confessed last Wednesday night to shooting and killing his father, Leroy, and wounding his sister, Gina; with a semiautomatic pistol, said Detective Richard Marks of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Leroy Wolford was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds in the family's house soon after the 4:50 p.m. shooting, which was allegedly
sparked by a dispute over the family car. It is unknown who called the police.
Gina Wolford was wounded in the incident but was treated at County-USC Medical Center and released.
Marks would not comment on whether Brian Wolford had a previous criminal record.
Students on campus said their ideas about safety in the area have changed little since the incident,
(See Wolford, page 7)               
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